Firm hits back at AMD

Nvidia slams AMD FreeSync: “We can’t comment on pricing of products that don’t exist”

Nvidia has hit back at rival AMD after it said its upcoming FreeSync gaming monitors will be around $100 cheaper than Nvidia’s G-Sync screens.

The chip maker dismissed AMD’s comments by saying a range of Nvidia G-Sync monitors are out now, whereas AMD has yet to launch its first FreeSync monitor. AMD claims that Nvidia’s monitors will cost more due to licensing fees.

Both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync aim to eliminate screen tearing, input lag and stuttering in PC games.

"Gamers are playing their favourite games on G-Sync monitors right now so we simply can’t comment on pricing of products that don’t exist," an Nvidia spokesperson told PCR.

"Nvidia is always hugely excited by competition though, as it drives the gaming industry forward and ultimately makes technology better for consumers. 

"There are fantastic G-Sync products for every budget. At 1080P we have AOC’s G2460PG 24” G-Sync monitor, at 1440P we have the Asus PG278Q ROG Swift 27" G-Sync panel that many media are calling the best gaming screen ever made, and at Gamescom, Acer announced its first 4K G-Sync XB280HK monitor – and will be available very soon. Philips also has various 24”, 27” and 28” models on the market.

"Keep your eyes peeled for further monitor announcements."

Nvidia went on to say how impressive its G-Sync tech is and the fact it has the backing of several big-name games developers.

"G-Sync is hugely exciting and a real step forward for the industry. When we announced our technology in Montreal towards the end of the last year, it was the first time three of the industry’s key luminaries – John Carmack, Tim Sweeney and Johan Andersson – had all been together, and they all agreed G-SYNC is a game changer," the spokesperson added.

"It completely changes your experience, buy eliminating tearing, stuttering and massively improves controller lag. It doesn’t require game profiles or support, it just works to make your games look even better. Once you try G-Sync it’s hard to play your games any other way – what could be more exciting than that?"

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