Waterproof and infection-proof products already performing well in the healthcare sector

Tech Data pushes washable keyboards to retail and B2B markets

Distributor Tech Data UK is eyeing the consumer and business markets with Seal Shield waterproof/washable keyboards and infection-proof covers for mobile devices.

The supplier has signed a deal with vendor Seal Shield, which manufactures medical-grade infection prevention technology that can be used in hospitals, the home and the workplace.

In addition to including waterproof and antimicrobial keyboards, it also offers a range of mice, TV remote controls and protection products for smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone and iPad. These can now be ordered from Tech Data.

"Research-based evidence has shown that computer keyboards and other input devices are a source of bacteria and cross-contamination that can contribute to the spread of infections in healthcare settings, schools and in communal environments," said Tech Data in a statement.

"As a consequence, washable keyboards, mice, TV remotes and mobile products with antimicrobial product protection are becoming more widely used in the healthcare sector and with awareness of the need for infection control rising the workplace and the home, Tech Data sees promise in the wider public sector and in the consumer and business markets too." 

Simon Hughes, Category Manager for Components at the distributor, said: "Seal Shield has a growing presence in the healthcare market in the UK and that’s an opportunity that’s growing and we’ll be addressing through our dedicated public sector team. We also see great potential for Seal Shield products in education and in the consumer and business markets.

"Awareness of infection control is now much greater and both health-conscious employers and home users will be eager to learn more about washable accessories and covers. As well as resellers specialising in health and education, we will be looking to work with partners addressing retail and B2B.”

Bradley Whitchurch, Seal Shield President and CEO, added: “With growing concerns about antibiotic-resistant bugs and pandemics across the globe, there’s also a huge demand outside of US markets for medical-grade peripherals to help prevent infections due to cross-contamination. The distribution agreement with Tech Data UK increases access to our innovative products which benefits everyone."

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