PCR talks to director Jon Atherton at Entalive Play

Entatech enjoys growth in gaming, is ‘surprised’ by Evolution 3 cancellation

Distributor Entatech says it is growing ‘massively’ in the PC gaming space, having increased its number of vendor partners.

Speaking to PCR at the distributor’s gaming trade show Entalive Play, director/VP Jon Atherton said: "We’re growing [in the gaming space] massively. In terms of vendors, in the last 18 months alone we’ve got five or six new vendors. And the vast majority of our vendors are seeing significant growth. If you look at Enta as a business over the last two or three years, our business has almost trebled, and gaming is a big part of that.

"Our customers know that we do a great job – we’ve been in gaming for about 15 years now. So we know what we’re doing and our customer breadth is growing. In terms of the customers that we deal with, we’re number one in the UK.

"Also, I know I’m number one as a gamer at director level, so bring it on! I’m unbeaten now at the show. I’m retiring."

Responding to the news that rival distributor VIP Computers has cancelled its own gaming trade show, Evolution 3, Atherton added: "With the recent announcement of other gaming events being cancelled, Entalive Play is now the dedicated focused gaming event of the IT industry.

"Manufacturers want to invest in doing these type of things face-to-face. They want to give seminars, exhibitions and events. That’s why I find it surprising that one of our rivals have recently announced they’ve cancelled their event due to no return on investment from the suppliers. Everyone I’ve spoken to have stated that this is the kind of thing they want to do.

"We’ve got 25 top vendors here [at Entalive Play] that we have represented for several years. And with our relationship with Multiplay, being attached to their consumer event [Insomnia], it’s great as a trade day and to see what’s happening from a consumer perspective."

Entalive Play and consumer show Insomnia 52 took place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry last week and weekend respectively. 

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