Wearable tech devices are said to increase as more consumers focus on their fitness and health

69% of consumers will own a connected device by 2019

As the Internet of Things (IoT) devices become more popular, it is said that within the next five years 69 per cent of consumers will plan to buy an in-home device.

A study from Accenture Interactive predicts that by the end of next year a total of about 13 per cent of consumers will actually own an in-home IoT device, such as a thermostat or security camera.

The results showed that currently only four per cent of consumers own such devices.

However, wearable tech is also expected to gradually increase, in particular devices associated with fitness and health.

For example, the findings showed that 22 per cent of consumers said that they already own a wearable fitness device or are planning to make a purchase by 2015.

As well as this, the results demonstrated that more than twice as many men as women say they have heard of the IoT, which is nearly 19 per cent versus just over eight per cent.

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