“Until now, many SMBs and small shop owners have had to rely on consumer TVs to display key information"

Samsung targets small shop owners with Smart Signage TV

Samsung Electronics has launched Samsung Smart Signage TV, a new type of TV designed for small shops, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and small office/home office (SOHO) owners.

It combines promotional/business content and live TV at the same time, and Samsung says it has been tailored for small shop pwners.

Businesses can divide the display screen into multiple sections and show a range of materials from promotional banners to menus in formats including TV, video, images and text. An embedded content management system also allows owners to create and display promotions, which can be done from a mobile device using MagicInfo Mobile.

Content can be delivered to the embedded media player via a USB or wirelessly from a WiFi-enabled mobile device. Users can also create content using more than 200 pre-built design templates and sample imagery.

The solution includes an LED TV with an embedded TV tuner and stand, content management software, full high-definition (FHD) capability with TV tuner, embedded WiFi, a TV remote control and VESA-compatible mounting accessories.

Businesses can display their promotional materials up to 16 hours a day, while all components are backed by a three-year warranty guaranteed for in-store use.

“Until now, many SMBs and small shop owners have had to rely on consumer TVs to display key information in their stores, which limits not only customer engagement opportunities with their brand but also operating capabilities to easily display, update and change promotional materials," said Phil Gaut, director of display at Samsung UK & Ireland.

"Our Samsung Smart Signage TV changes the paradigm for SMB and SOHO display solutions and provides a better customer and employee experience literally all in one box.

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