Software grants users a longer battery life and faster snapshots

Parallels’ new Desktop 10 brings Windows to Yosemite Mac

Parallels is working on Desktop 10, allowing users to run Windows on their Yosemite Mac.

Available today for existing users, Desktop 10 will bring the upcoming Mac OS, Yosemite, into its Parallels desktop visualisation platform.

The software aims to blend the latest Windows OS, including Windows 8.1 with support for Apple’s next-generation OS X Yosemite.

This brings key features of Yosemite to Windows, including iMessage, iPhoto Library support and iCloud Drive.

According to Apple Insider, Parallels says that battery life has been extended by 30 per cent, snapshots are up to 60 per cent faster, and opening Windows documents on a Mac will be 48 per cent faster compared to Desktop 9.

Additionally, new virtualisation technology gives users working with Office 2013 files a speed boost of 50 per cent.

As well as this, Windows apps are automatically added to the Mac’s Launchpad, while the Windows 8.1 Start screen can also be used as the Launchpad.

Parallels Desktop 10 will be available from August 26th for new users for $79.99 (£48), however, those with the previous edition can upgrade now for $49.99 (£30). 

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