'Threshold' demo will be public and available to anyone who is interested, claims report

Windows 9 tech preview due September – report

Microsoft will apparently host a technology preview of its Windows Threshold operating system – expected to be named Windows 9 – this autumn.

Sources close to Microsoft told ZDNet that Microsoft will hold a public tech preview by late September or early October, which will be made available to anyone who is interested.

Those who install the tech preview will also allegedly have to agree to receive monthly updates automatically.

Windows 9 is expected to feature a new start menu, windowed applications and Cortana integration.

The news adds credence to an earlier report that claimed a Windows 9 marketing campaign will begin this year.

The upcoming operating system is said to ditch activation keys in favour of a new online distribution method, which will bind a licence to the user’s individual PC and activate when they connect to the online Microsoft Store.

Screenshots of a supposed Windows 9 start menu were also recently uploaded online.

Windows 9 is rumoured to launch in April 2015.

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