The device weighed 500g and was available for $899 in the US

World’s first smartphone celebrates its 20th birthday

The first ever smartphone celebrated it birthday last Friday, which will be put on display in London’s Science Museum this October.

The IBM Simon went on sale on 16th August 1994, and combined mobile technology with a range of computing features.

The smartphone weighed 500g and also featured a green LCD screen, stylus and one hour’s battery life.

IBM’s device was also the first phone to feature apps and could be linked up to a fax machine.

Charlotte Connelly, curator at the Science Museum, said: "The Simon wasn’t called a smartphone back then.

“But it had a lot of the features we see today. It had a calendar, it could take notes and send emails and messages and combined all of this with a cell phone."

Although the device was only available in the US, IBM sold around 50,000 models for $899 (£537) each.

The Simon will go on display this October as part of The Information Age exhibition, showcasing different tech devices and how far they have changed over the years.

Image via the Science Museum blog

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