Twitter leaks suggest Apple could release a new type of cable that can be plugged in upside down

iPhone 6 reversible lightning cable in the works – rumour

Apple is said to be developing a reversible lightning cable for the iPhone 6 and its family of devices.

Leaked images suggest that the USB connector for the iPhone 6 will be able to be plugged in upside down, much like the upcoming USB Type C cable.

The information comes from Sonny Dickson, the man who leaked news of the iPhone 5C last year, who posted a photo on Twitter of the reversible lightning cable. The photo is believed to have been taken at manufacturer Foxconn.

On most USB ports the physical connector element is fixed onto one side of the metal housing. However, it seems Apple has placed the connector in the centre of the metal housing, rather than attaching it onto one side. This means it can be plugged into a USB port any side up.

Upon the release of the iPhone 5 last year, Apple introduced a slimmer cable which could not be used on any of the older generations of the iPhone.

The new cable is expected to arrive alongside the iPhone 6, which is due to be revealed on September 9th.

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