Boxed games in the minority as downloads continue to rise

Digital downloads account for 92% of PC game sales

Digital downloads represent a whopping 92 per cent of all PC game sales across the world, PCR can reveal.

This means that physical copies make up less than ten per cent of PC game sales globally.

Analyst DFC Intelligence told PCR that digital games made up 92 per cent of all PC game sales in 2013, and the firm expects this number to increase in years to come. 

This stat does not include sales of hardware or accessories – just the games themselves.

In the UK specifically in 2013, £1.18 billion was made from the sale of downloadable mobile, console, PC, and tablet games – an increase of 16.4 per cent over 2012 – while £1.015 billion was made from the sale of physical games.

This means that digital game sales overtook physical in 2013, according to Entertainment Retailer’s Association, based on GfK Chart-Track and IHS data, as reported by MCV

DFC said earlier this year that the PC games market has surpassed the console gaming sector in terms of revenues.

The news comes ahead of PCR’s gaming special, due to arrive in the first week of September. 

Check out our upcoming gaming issue for a more in-depth look at how the PC and console game market is changing, and how retailers can make money from both digital and physical goods.

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