Facebook and other technology companies saw growth during the downturn

Recession ‘benefited’ IT professionals

A fifth of the UK’s IT and technology professionals feel that the economic downturn has had a positive impact on the sector.

According to Randstad Technologies, a survey of 2,000 UK staff revealed that 19 per cent believe that the recession has had a positive impact, while 31 per cent feel that the industry is now significantly different compared to before the downturn.

However, nearly a third of IT professionals also stated that changes to their targets and workload have had the greatest impact over the recession, as a result of working within smaller teams.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said:“Previous research of ours shows that 47 per cent of professionals say a heavier workload over the course of the recession has benefited their career in some way. Now the UK is in recovery mode, businesses are reaping the benefits of those changes.”

He added: “The recession forced many companies to look at where costs could be saved, processes could be streamlined and teams could be managed more effectively.

“The IT and technology sector is one of the most dynamic and fast moving industries on the planet. Some of today’s most influential and valuable technology companies like Facebook saw their growth surge during the recession. As a result, tech staff are far more used to handling change than many other industries.”

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