Publisher relaunches with a focus on indie game development

King’s Quest and Sierra return

Classic ’80s point-and-click PC game series King’s Quest is getting a reboot under its old Sierra publishing label. 

Sierra has been brought back to life by video game giant Activision Publishing which says it will focus on indie game development studios developing ‘innovative, edgy and graphically unique games’, including new IPs and reimaginings of Sierraclassics.

A new King’s Quest game will arrive in 2015, developed by The Odd Gentlemen, and a new Geometry Wars title will launch this Christmas (Geometry Wars3: Dimensions from Lucid Games). Sierra will focus on first-party relations, PR, marketing and digital/retail distribution, with the new titles seemingly set to launch across various platforms including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam.

Sierra began life in 1979 with a single 8-bit Apple II microcomputer, and founders Roberta and Ken Williams’ helped inspire the adventure game genre, with titles like Police Quest, Space Quest and King’s Quest. 

Ken Williams said: "We’re very proud of what we created all those years ago with Sierra Online, and today’s news about carrying Sierra forward as an indie-specific brand is very encouraging. We look forward to seeing Sierra’s independent spirit live on, and are especially excited to see what The Odd Gentlemen will do with King’s Quest."

"Sierra’s goal is to find and work with talented indie developers working on their own amazing projects, or passionate about working on great Sierra IP, and leverage our expertise to aid them in bring these fun and exciting experiences to gamers with the level of visibility and awareness they deserve," added Bob Loya, Sr. Director of External Development.

"In addition to Lucid Games and The Odd Gentlemen, we’re in talks with a large number of other indie devs, and can’t wait to share more details with fans in the near future."

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