UK and European retailers need to be aware of infringing on Apple's latest patent

BLOG: Apple copycats, beware

Apple loves a trademark and the firm has fought many a court battle with technology manufacturers that have copied the look of one of its popular i-devices.

But now tech retailers in the UK and Europe must also be aware of infringing on an Apple patent, as the firm has been granted permission to register its store design and layout as a trademark by the European Court of Justice.

It has become somewhat of a trend, especially for new stores, to give themselves the ‘Apple’ look. But while there are always things to learn from the biggest companies, retailers will now have to make sure they broaden their horizons when looking for inspiration.

July saw the return of Independent Retailer Month, a project dedicated to helping High Street retailers up and down the UK improve their stores and bring in more customers. There are also areas such as the Flux Innovation Lounge that give people the chance to check out brand new retail tech that they may want to fit themselves.

And remember, it’s just the layout of the stores that Apple is concerned with in this instance. There is still lots to learn and to be inspired by when it comes to the company’s in-store customer service, the way it treats its staff and customers, and the kinds of technology it not only sells, but actually uses in-store.

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