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Sony's e-readers struggled to compete with cheaper devices

Sony pulls out of the worldwide e-reader market

Sony’s current e-reader, the PRS-T3, will be their last, according to German site Lesen.net.

Earlier this year Sony decided to abandon the e-reader market in the UK, Europe and Australia after closing down its Reader Store, asking Kobo to supply content to readers in the US and Canada.

Now, Sony has announced that it will pull out of the worldwide e-reader market for the foreseeable future.

This news comes as the company’s products struggled to compete alongside other cheaper e-readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, priced at £69.00, while the PRS-T3 is priced at £99.00.

Although Sony pioneered the e-reader market with its E-ink technology, its bookstores struggled to match the likes of Amazon or Kobo.

Sony told Lesen that products are no longer economically viable, and that there will be no new reader to follow once their current PRS-T3 model runs out.

It is said that the device will become a collector’s item, as Lesen noted that Germany’s stocks have already been exhausted. 

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