Users will be able to action commands by hovering their hands over a keyboard

Microsoft unveils patent for new gesture-based PC system

Microsoft is developing a new gesture-based system for desktops which allows users to perform tasks by hovering over certain keyboard keys.

The new PC system will incorporate Natural User Interfaces (NUI), which incorporate gesture-based interfaces that use touch or touch-less interactions to control a device.

However, since the development of NUI, none of the interfaces have changed the way users interact with a keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft is hoping to change that by creating a gesture-based system incorporated into a keyboard.

This would give users the ability to control certain elements, such as mode switches, menu selection, window and task management as well as navigation.

These options would be offloaded to shortcut and modifier keys or context menus, whereby users will simply use their hand to gesture of hover over the keyboard to create an action.

This news comes after Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, confirmed that the company will merge its current three versions of windows into one operating system. 

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