Our mystery Counter Insurgent talks about their distributor woes

Counter Insurgent: Distributor disappointment

This month our Counter Insurgent questions why a number of distributors have decided to start changing their stock regardless of what products their customers are regularly buying.

It is widely known that when consumers buy tech they are not only looking for the cheapest price. We know that some of them actually prefer service over price. So why doesn’t the same apply up the supply chain?

Why do distributors feel they have to have a corporate image these days? Is it because they are trying to be cool like the big vendors they deal with?

It may sound foolish to think this would happen, but it seems like it does.

Recently, I found myself leaving a well-known component distributor that I have dealt with for a long time in favour of a smaller, more traditional distributor.

My biggest disappointment with my former distributor – without naming names – was that one day, without warning, they announced: “We are not doing that anymore, we are doing this instead.”

So not only have they lost our £250K spend per year, they have also lost the plot.

No longer do they stock items retailers buy on a regular basis, but they simply think the gaming market is where all the money is.

They may well be right but I can’t buy the items I buy on a regular basis, so I simply buy the gaming stuff from a distributor that does both. It appears that some distributors just don’t listen to their customers’ needs.

I recently attended PCR Boot Camp. I had a great time there and got the chance to chat to a few different distributors. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting to hear back from them…

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