Each UK home has 19 technology devices, but Spain is top tech country

Brits spend 7 hours a day using tech

UK consumers spend almost seven hours a day using technology devices outside of work.

On average a domestic home has 19 technology devices, according to Samsung’s Techonomic Index, with UK households spending £218 each on devices over the last three months.

It stated the UK spends £73 less per household than the European average of £291 over three months, while Italy was ranked as the biggest technology spenders with a £444 spend.

Brits spend four hours and seven minutes watching TV and DVDs, and two hours and 30 minutes on personal computers during their spare time.

The index revealed that using mobile apps was the most popular activity among Brits, with 66 per cent of adults stating they use their mobile to access apps, gaming being the most popular app of choice.

Tablet ownership has also increased, with 38 per cent of UK households owning at least one tablet. TVs and and mobiles are the most commonly used devices, with over a third of British adults stating they have two of each product.

Russell Taylor, vice president of corporate marketing at Samsung UK, said: “We are investing heavily in research to look beyond product behaviour and discover people’s future needs, including ways of enhancing how our numerous devices interact to improve people’s lives".

Spain is the top tech nation, however, with the average consumer spending eight hours and 48 minutes using tech devices each day.

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