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"The fact that some of our competition is talking about it means it’s starting to resonate," says EMEA boss Darren Grasby

AMD on Mantle and beating Nvidia: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’

Chip maker AMD has talked up its graphics API, Mantle, telling PCR that the best is yet to come for the PC game optimisation platform. 

Close rivals AMD and Nvidia locked horns again last month over PC game support, with AMD saying Nvidia’s Gameworks platform deliberately runs games slower on AMD products. Nvidia then hit back, belittling the support for Mantle and suggesting AMD should work more on their drivers rather than talk about Nvidia.

Now AMD’s EMEA general manager Darren Grasby (pictured) has said gamers can expect more great things from Mantle.

"Quite frankly you’ve not seen anything yet," he told PCR. "If you think about Mantle and the performance boost that it gave us around Battlefield 4 for example, as we move forward with the Graphics Core Next technology that we’re driving, Mantle will be centre to our strategy as we move through the rest of the year and beyond. It’s getting [increased] awareness out there now.

"Also, the very fact that some of the competition out there is talking about it means it’s starting to resonate."

When asked how well AMD’s R9 and R7 graphics card ranges have been selling since going on sale late last year, Grasby replied: "I can’t talk about the actual sales but if you look at the success that we’ve had around that, and essentially around the ‘Never Settle Forever’ bundles that we have got out there now, everywhere I go customers are talking about the titles we have in there.

"If you look at the titles we have in there at the moment, like Tomb Raider and Murdered Soul Suspect, it’s been a tremendous success [in terms of graphic card sales].

"With what we’re doing in that space and the Never Settle Forever bundles we’ve got out there, it does make us the graphic partner of choice."

Read the full interview with Darren Grasby in the August issue of PCR

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