Nickel found in tablet caused severe rashes

Child found to be allergic to Apple’s iPad

A child in America has been diagnosed as allergic to Apple’s first-gen iPad.

A report in the American Journal of Paediatrics has suggested that the Nickel in the iPad caused an eleven-year-old to suffer persistent and severe rashes.

The report explained how dermatologists sought out Nickel around the child’s environment after discovering he was allergic.

The metal was detected in an iPad and once a cover was put on the tablet, the rashes receded.

Apple has responded to the report with a statement saying that all of its devices are made to the highest safety standards, as required by authorities wherever it operates.

Apple is set to launch a number of devices in 2014. At the beginning of the year, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company would have some new categories. Rumours for these include an Apple television, double-sided touchscreen laptop, smartwatch and a wireless projector PC.

The firm is also set to launch its next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6, in either September or October this year.

Apple, and Cook, have come under fire recently after a customer deemed the company sexist when she wasn’t allowed to get the word ‘clit’ engraved onto the back of her iPad, but was allowed to replace the word with ‘penis’ or ‘dick’.

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