The B+ comes with more connectors to link it up to a larger variety of devices

VIDEO: Raspberry Pi B+ model launches

Raspberry Pi has released an updated version of its mini PC, called the B+.

The device is based on the same Broadcom chip as earlier versions and has the same 512MB of memory but uses less power than its predecessors.

The B+ can power more peripherals without the need for a dedicated power source. It also has more connectors to help link it with a variety of other devices.

The analogue and composite video connector has been replaced with a four-pole connector and the SD card has also been removed to make way for a micro-SD card unit.

“In the two years since we launched the current Raspberry Pi Model B, we’ve often talked about our intention to do one more hardware revision to incorporate the numerous small improvements people have been asking for,” said CEO and founder Eben Upton in a recent blog post.

Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements to the mini PC:
• More GPIO. The GPIO header has grown to 40 pins, while retaining the same pinout for the first 26 pins as the Model B.
• More USB. It now has 4 USB 2.0 ports, compared to 2 on the Model B, and better hotplug and overcurrent behaviour.
• Micro SD. The old friction-fit SD card socket has been replaced with a push-push micro SD version.
• Lower power consumption. By replacing linear regulators with switching ones power consumption has been reduced by between 0.5W and 1W.
• Better audio. The audio circuit incorporates a dedicated low-noise power supply.
• Neater form factor. The USB connectors have been aligned with the board edge, composite video has been moved onto the 3.5mm jack, and four squarely-placed mounting holes have been added.

Check out the B+ introductory video below:

The news comes shortly after Upton revelaed to PCR that a Raspberry Pi LCD screen is being planned for production before the end of the year.

Element14 has also been giving away free Raspberry Pis in london today, you can take a look at the day’s events over at the company’s twitter feed,

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