Promotional activity attracts more than 200 consumers over one weekend

Utopia draws record number of gamers

Indie retailer and system builder Utopia Computers has drawn a record number of gamers to its store, with more than 200 visiting over two days.

Utopia’s Exist2Game promotional activity has been a hit with gamers. The first in-store event took place last October, drawing around 80 gamers, the second attracted around 150 and the third event – which took place earlier this month – pulled in between 200 and 225.

The activity – which other retailers can offer to their customers – includes tournaments, free food and drinks and lets gamers try the latest hardware. Winners take home prize money and there are thousands of pounds worth of hardware up for grabs.

A Counter Stike: Global Offensive tournament took place nationally, while Utopia held its own League of Legends tournament.

"With over 200 gamers turning up over the weekend, the large amount of effort and planning to get the store ready for such an event was very worthwhile," Utopia’s director Craig Hume told PCR. "Gamers don’t get enough opportunities to try the very best in gaming technology, especially not in a social environment like a local LAN event."

Exist2Game stats:

  • 200+ gamers visited Utopia over the weekend
  • Over £2,000 worth of gaming hardware was given away from supporting vendors
  • 753 games of Injustice were played using Mad Catz Fight Sticks
  • 307 laps of Grid Autosport were played on AOC’s 4K screen.
  • 205 games of FIFA were played on iiyama’s 27-inch Prolite screen
  • 25 League of Legend players took part in Utopia’s first LoL tournament
  • 15 trays of donuts and five crates of Be Quiet Pure Energy drinks were consumed

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