Blanket can monitor brain waves and change colour based on passenger’s mood

British Airways ‘Happiness Blanket’ monitors your brain activity

British Airways is testing out a ‘Happiness Blanket’ to help passengers sleep better during flights.

The blanket can monitor brain waves and change colour based on a passenger’s mood.

Currently being tested on flights between New York and London, it works in conjunction with a headband that has to be worn by the passenger.

Embedded in the headband is a number of sensors to track brain activity. It connects to the blanket via Bluetooth and if the passenger is feeling tense the blanket will glow red. If they are relaxed the blanket turns blue.

Unfortunately, it appears that the blanket will not be making its way to all British Airways flights.

The below video from the airline shows that the testing has helped it understand how it can improve various aspects of its flights to make passengers happier.

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