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'If AMD spent more time fixing their drivers and less time talking, their customers wouldn't be left with sub-par experiences'

AMD and Nvidia rivalry heats up over PC game support

The battle between graphics card vendors AMD and Nvidia has flared up again, following an argument over PC game optimisation.

AMD had previously accused Nvidia’s Gameworks platform of ‘threatening’ gamers, claiming that games using the framework were made to deliberately run slower on AMD products.

Among the games said to be deliberately restricted on PC were Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch Dogs and Batman: Arkham Origins.

However, AMD has now announced that its own graphics API, Mantle, has tied up a number of deals for upcoming and recently released games titles.

Many of the games come from publisher EA, including big titles such as Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

These three major titles are said to part of an ‘extensive’ catalogue of more than 40 games from EA, with an AMD representative telling Kotaku that the full list "is hundreds long".

However, Nvidia has quickly responded by belittling the support for Mantle, stating that its own list of Gameworks-supported titles would be ‘impossible to maintain’, due to the far-reaching adoption of the platform.

Nvidia has also found time to criticise the performance of AMD’s graphics cards drivers, as well as mocking the company’s apparent fixation on trying to complain about Nvidia.

“If AMD spent as much time working on their drivers and actually making investments in gaming than they did talking about us, then maybe their customers would not be stuck with sub-par gaming experiences in today’s cutting-edge titles,” an Nvidia spokesperson said.

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