'Electronic Device and Sound Capturing Method’ takes the form of wearable glasses

Lenovo patents Google Glass-like device

Lenovo has filed a patent for its own wearable recording device, which partially resembles Google Glass.

The proposed ‘Electronic Device and Sound Capturing Method’, registered through the US Patents and Trademark Office, includes the capability for audio and video recording, and, like Glass, takes the form of a wearable pair of glasses.

The two lenses in the hardware appear to be two miniature screens, allowing the user to see a heads-up display-like view.

The arms of the device also include microphones that capture audio using bone conduction, providing the capability for audio capture.

The device is more full-on than Glass’ single miniature screen, and Lenovo’s avoidance of the terms ‘smartglasses’ and ‘wearable’ may be in order to avoid any possible legal stepping on of toes.

The description of the device in terms of its functions may also highlight it as a wearable device for enterprise use, rather than a consumer focus like Glass.

For now, however, these questions will remain answered, until Lenovo’s tech makes the jump from concept to reality.

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