The 3.5mm jack remains despite rumours it would be ditched by Apple

Leaked iPhone 6 images show aluminium body and new power button

Images claiming to show Apple’s new iPhone 6 have been posted online.

Uploaded by Rou-Shot, the series of hi res photos appear to reveal a few design changes for Apple’s latest flagship handset.

It seems Apple has opted to move the power button from the top of the device to the right-hand side. This could possibly making it easier to take screen shots when holding the device with both hands, but apart from that there seems to be no obvious reason for the move other than to make it look a bit more like an Android device.

Another well-known feature of previous iPhones – its glass back – has also gone in favour of what appears to be an aluminium one. Perhaps all those complaints from iPhone users who have not only managed to crack their screen, but also the glass on the back of their devices have made their way through to the Apple design team…

After Apple acquired Beats there were rumours suggesting that the iPhone’s 3.5mm jack would be ditched, meaning users would have to buy Apple/Beats headphones that connect through the lightning dock.

If these leaked images are accurate, at least part of that rumour is untrue, as a 3.5mm jack is clearly visible.

Either way, it shouldn’t be too long until we all find out exactly what the iPhone 6 looks likes as reports suggest Foxconn has hired over 100,000 iPhone workers in the lead up to a September/October launch.

You can take a look at all the leaked iPhone 6 photos from Rou-Shout over at our Facebook page by clicking here or on the image below.

In other Apple news, a 12-inch MacBook Air is rumoured to enter production in Q3 2014.

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