The NHS in England faces a funding gap of up to £2bn, claims report

‘Technology can fill NHS funding gap’

Technology can help plug the so-called £2 billion ‘funding gap’ in the National Health Service (NHS), says a medicine expert.

Senior health sources told the BBC this morning that growing costs would outstrip the money the NHS is set to receive from April 2015, but The Department of Health said it was confident it would make savings to meet demand.

Commenting on the report, Professor Marco Viceconti, director of the Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine at the University of Sheffield, said: "The reported £2bn funding gap in the NHS is, perhaps counter-intuitively, further evidence that the healthcare sector – industry, academia and delivery – needs to speculate to alleviate.

“In silico medicine, the creation of individual virtual models of our bodies on which treatments can be tested, is the major breakthrough that will optimise treatment for every patient and transform the economics and effectiveness of healthcare worldwide.

"The NHS, in collaboration with organisations like ours, is well placed to be at the vanguard of this inevitable and transformational shift."

The NHS’s budget in England for 2015 has been set at around £100 billion.

The Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine develops computer simulations of the human body and its disease processes, in order to improve diagnosis and treatment.

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