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Seven reasons PC stores should get into system building

1) Expand your empire

The traditional desktop market is in decline – and is expected to fall six per cent this year according to some studies. Bolstering your offering with additional forms of revenue could be a smart move.

2) Capitalise on the gaming boom

The PC games market has now surpassed the console gaming sector in terms of revenues, according to DFC intelligence. That means consumer demand for custom built gaming rigs is on the up.

3) Creative professionals

It’s not just the gamers that are contributing to a growth in the custom PC market – creative professionals, developers, and indie start-ups are after workstations for CAD, graphics and video editing, amongst other things.

4) Scan says:

Elan Raja III, director at Scan Computers, said in a recent PCR article “The underlying trend is that worldwide PC growth has been declining to flat, However, PC growth for the channel players is strong as these consumers are faster to act on technology trends for traditional desktops. This trend applies more to custom built PCs irrespective of personal use or business use.”

5) VIP says:

And this from VIP’s Duncan Macauly: “As the bigger PC manufacturers are leaving to focus on other growth areas, it has handed opportunities to local system builders who, due to their smaller size, can be more flexible in terms of meeting customer demand and are less reliant on shifting larger quantities,” he explained.

6) Collaborate with sellers…

 Several system builders are already seeing major collaborations thanks to the growing mainstream demand for bespoke desktops – YoYoTech appointed etailer as an official reseller in March, and Utopia similarly signed a supply agreement with Argos for custom systems in April.

7) …and with vendors

AMD recently updated its AMD Partner Programme (APP) to increase its support for system builders, designating builders who sufficiently promote AMD as ‘Hero Builders’. There are other collaborative options to be had as well

You can learn how to get into this market at PCR System Builders Workshop – ask hardware manufactures and disties about the latest kit and the best way to start out. It’s completely free for retailers to attend.

System Builders Workshop is the only event of its type specifically targeting system builders and those that want to expand in this area. It has a more hands on style environment than a basic exhibition, giving you the chance to get more in depth with new products and technology platforms.

It’ll take place in Whittlebury Hall in Northampton in September 24th

if you’re interesting in prices for exhibiting, contact

if you’re a system builder, retailer and reseller and want to attend, contact

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