Smartphone likely to be unveiled at mystery press event

5 rumoured features for the Amazon smartphone

Amazon is expected to unveil its much talked about 3D smartphone at today’s press event.

While a number of other vendors share their press events with those who are not lucky enough to be invited, Amazon’s mystery event will not be live streamed.

Here are some of the most popular rumours surrounding the Amazon smartphone:

The main rumoured feature of the smartphone is that it will have a 3D user interface. This will allegedly be achieved by the use of four cameras on each side of the device.

Tilt control
The upcoming handset is also rumoured to feature tilt control as a primary method of navigation.

Text capture
It is thought that users will be able photograph images of signs and other objects with printed text and have the handset automatically convert the text into a note using technology including optical character recognition (OCR).

Not including the mini cameras for its 3D UI, a 12MP front facing camera and a 13MP rear facing camera is expected to be included on the device.

Other specs
Other rumoured specs include 2GB of RAM, 4.7-inch display and a heavily customized version of Android.

Amazon has released a teaser video for its upcoming product. It doesn’t give away anything about what to expect, and does look a bit like a group of people being surprised by their own genitals, but you can take a look at it here:

The event takes place in Seattle at 1:30pm Eastern time (6:30pm BST).

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