Handheld device to launch in 2015

Portable ‘SteamBoy’ Steam Machine teased

A handheld version of Valve’s upcoming Steam Machine gaming PC has been teased.

The SteamBoy embeds a five-inch 16:9 touchscreen in the centre of a controller equipped with two circular trackpads – a similar design to Valve’s own proposed Steam Controller design.

The SteamBoy also features the familiar ABXY face button layout of the Steam Controller, itself designed to mimic the PC-compatible Xbox 360 controller.

The creators of the SteamBoy said that the compact machine would feature a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage provided by a memory card. Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity will also be included.

According to the team, the SteamBoy will play the majority of games available on Steam.

The SteamBoy is currently scheduled for a 2015 launch, which could see it align with the launch of Valve’s own Steam Machines, which were delayed to next year in order to improve the user experience.

See the teaser video for the device below:


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