Commercial PC shipments to rise eight per cent in H2 2014, analyst IDC predicts

Intel: End of XP support driving business PC sales rise

Intel has increased its revenue estimates for the second half of 2014, with a rise in commercial PC shipments said to be driving the growth.

The chip maker’s forecasted Q2 2014 revenue was upped from $12.5bn to $13.5bn.

The firm said that the end of support for Windows XP earlier this year had resulted in businesses investing in new machines, leading to a rise in sales in the commercial PC sector of the market.

Analyst IDC previously predicted eight per cent growth in commercial PC shipments in Q2 2014, contrasting with an estimated nine per cent decline in consumer shipments.

"Most of the growth we are seeing in the PC market is going to a mix of commercial desktop and laptop replacement of XP systems,” commented Rajani Singh, senior research analyst at IDC.

She added that despite market competition from tablets, traditional PC form factors were still holding their own in the commercial space.

"Business users are coming to the realisation that tablets can’t replace laptops when it comes to productivity,” she explained.

"When it comes down to productivity, as much as people want to rely on a tablet or their phone, in the workplace there is nothing better than a PC to replace a dying, old XP PC.”

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