Keith Bachman of BMO Capital Markets predicts smartwatch will cost $250

10 per cent of iPhone users to buy iWatch in 2015 – analyst

An Apple ‘iWatch’ could sell at least 33.5 million units during 2015, an analyst has told Apple investors.

Keith Bachman of BMO Capital Markets stated his belief (via AppleInsider) that 10 per cent of the 335 million currently active iPhone users would purchase an Apple smartwatch device by the end of 2015.

The long-anticipated wearable device debut from Apple has previously been pegged by analysts for an October launch.

Bachman added that he expects the ‘iWatch’ to retail for an average selling price of $250 (£147).

"We think a key driver of adoption will be meaningful applications," he said.

"We believe that the initial focus [for the iWatch] will be health and fitness applications, but to reach 20 per cent adoption levels, Apple will need to have more applications than just health and fitness, [and will need] to include applications for professional/work usage."

The 33.5 million unit figure was said to be the low end of expectations, with Bachman’s higher-end prediction stretching up to 67 million units sold – or 20 per cent of current iPhone users.

Should Apple hit Bachman’s expectation of 33.5 million ‘iWatch’ units sold, the launch would make the smartwatch Apple’s biggest launch to date.

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