Customers will get three per cent off for every win – with an extra one per cent knocked off for each goal

XMG to offer laptop discounts for England World Cup wins

Gaming laptop firm XMG is to cut prices on all of its models for every England World Cup win and goal.

Under the promotion, which starts today (June 12th), XMG will knock three per cent off any laptop for every England win.

The firm will also cut one per cent off the cost of its laptops for every goal scored by the English side – not including penalty shootouts.

The offers will remain for up to 24 hours after each match.

Customers purchasing certain XMG gaming laptop models will also be given a free copy of recently released open-world hacking adventure Watch Dogs.

Gamers who opt for the XMG P304, C404, P504 or any other laptop with an Nvidia GTX 880M graphics card will be eligible for the deal.

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