Survey also reveals the top three ways to earn money from digital goods

Top three turn-offs for online shoppers

A new survey has revealed the top three turn-offs for online shoppers and the top three ways to make money from digital goods.

Avangate, a start-up that builds commerce platforms for businesses which sell digital goods to customers (including HP and Kaspersky), questioned more than 1,000 US adults.

"Currently, most businesses do not understand how their customers get to a buying decision, which is poor considering customers can change loyalty with a click if the online service is poor," said Avangate in a statement.

"Therefore, businesses need to think about using the new ways of interacting with customers via online chat, whether they can offer personalised products and if they can provide free trials. This shows payments is only a part of the overall solution which businesses need to upgrade to if they want to attract and retain customers."

The survey findings from customers include:

Top three turn-offs for online shoppers

54% – Being pitched unrelated services

49% – Hard to reach live support

41% – Inflexible payments options, not being able to pay using local methods

Top three ways for businesses to earn money on digital goods

58% – Free trials

49% – Change subscriptions

33% – Add products as I go and turn it into a personalised bundle

Most popular online services used by customers on a daily basis

61% – Entertainment

50% – Music

41% – Work Productivity (Google Apps, Dropbox)

36% – eBooks

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