"This is as an exciting area and a natural fit for us," says Northamber's Alex Phillips

‘We want to displace disties in PC gaming space’

Distributor Northamber wants to crack the lucrative PC gaming sector – and beat other disties already well established in that sector.

The long-running PC distie is scaling back from traditional desktop computing and is embracing new categories such as virtual reality, wearable tech, 3D printing and gaming.

It has a configuration centre where staff can build between 50 and 100 custom computers in one sitting and send them out on the same day. Northamber invested £7 million in its own 100,000sq ft warehouse in Weybridge a year and a half ago, where the config centre is based. 

“We view gaming as an exciting area – a huge space – which is a natural fit for Northamber,” director of strategy Alex Phillips told PCR in an interview about Northamber’s new strategy.

“Certain other distributors are stronger than I’d like them to be in this space, and I intend to come in and – with our winning customer service – displace them. 

“Any retailers out there who are looking for a new distributor for gaming products – come to us.

“When someone wants a particular gaming or overclocked system, plus custom packaging, we can make it all in-house on the same day.

“Our value-add config centre and our install teams help our customers to compete with etailers and make margin by selling smarter, whilst etailers sell some products going out at rock bottom prices.”

Northamber also hinted it may supply the upcoming PC gaming Steam Machines which are due later this year.

“This is something we’re looking into – and again it ties in with our config section,” added product manager Raste Khan.

“We’ve been in contact with Steam. But there’s still no release date just yet, that’s still something we’re waiting for.”

Read the full interview with Northamber here

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