This can boost systems based on the latest AMD APUs by as much as 20%

VIP adds AMD Radeon memory to portfolio

Distributor VIP Computers is now stocking AMD Radeon memory which can boost systems based on the latest AMD APUs by as much as 20 per cent.

This product offers both AMP and XMP profiles, and all AMD memory includes a free of charge licence with 6GB AMD Radeon RAMDisk software.

VIP’s AMD memory range includes Entertainment, Performance and Gaming lines.

Darren Jackson, Purchasing Manager at VIP, said: “We are pleased to add AMD Memory to our existing range of AMD CPUs, APUs and GPUs. We have an introductory offer for our customers to take advantage of: the first 135 orders of AMD memory will qualify for a free 24GB RAMDisk licence upgrade worth $13.”

"When paired with an AMD A10 APU the system can live up to its full potential; games in particular are very sensitive to memory bandwidth so this combination offers an excellent game-playing advantage," added VIP in a statement. "In addition, the heat spreaders are extremely low-profile for enhanced heat dissipation, leaving plenty of room for a cooler to keep the system cool even when it is pushed to its limits."

Graham Wright, Sales Director for AMD Radeon Memory, commented: “AMD memory provides resellers with the opportunity to sell the complete AMD system. Using AMD memory alongside other AMD components offers customer security and reliability; something that non-Radeon memory brands cannot guarantee."

If interested you can call the VIP sales team on 0871 622 7500.

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