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The security implications of IoT products need to be considered, says Kaspersky

Security Roundup: Smart TV ‘Red Button’ targeted by hackers

This week’s security news roundup looks at attacks on consumers using Smart TVs, a Twitter follower scam, the growth in the global security software market and more.

Kaspersky’s David Emm has commented on the recent news about ‘Red Button’ attacks via Smart TVs: “This potential attack method isn’t related specifically to the use of the red button on a TV remote, but to any interaction with a smart TV.

“Such an attack would effectively be a ‘man in the middle’ attack, with hackers placing themselves between the consumer and the broadcaster and injecting their own, bogus information into the broadcast stream – for example, fake adverts and other content.”

Emm warns that providers of new technology, especially IoT products, need to make sure they consider the security implications of these products: “Smart fridges, garage doors, car entertainment systems and electricity meters are all examples of new technology that all benefit from Internet connectivity, but the extension of technology in this way also brings the possibility of more cyber-attacks.”

Meanwhile, Bitdefender has warned that a series of enhanced follower scams have tricked thousands of Twitter users after a group abused the platform’s authentication system.

Those conducting the scam are profiting from users’ eagerness to gain more followers on the platform offering free or paid Twitter followers in exchange for users’ authentication tokens.

“The follower websites are also loaded with commercials for dubious games, torrents and software downloads and some trick users with malvertising,” warns Bitdefender.

In other news:

  • Gartner and IDC have both reported on growth in the security sector. Gartner has revealed that the worldwide security software market grew 4.9 per cent in 2013, totalling $19.9 billion. IDC has reported that the security appliance market has sustained growth momentum in Q1 2014.
  • The BBA is hosting a Managing Cyber Risk conference today, where it will discuss how a successful online attack could cause significant financial, operational and reputational harm to firms.

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