Users will be able to interactive with games and apps without touching the screen

Microsoft ‘McLaren’ Windows Phone to feature ‘Kinect-like’ 3D touch

Microsoft’s successor to the Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone codenamed McLaren, will have Kinect-like features.

The Verge reports that sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed that the firm will release a range of handsets in the US later this year that enable users to hover their fingers over the screen to interact with games and applications.

The McLaren will have a number of sensors to enable ‘3D Touch’ and will also let users answer calls by placing the phone near an ear, hang up by putting the phone in a pocket, and mute the device when it is covered by a hand or held to a chest.

Microsoft is also allegedly planning to detect how a phone is held by grip with the idea that the 3D Touch-enabled phone can block an orientation switch when lying down.

According to the publication, the sides of the handset will also be used to interact with the OS, with one example being the ability to zoom by dragging a finger up and down the device’s edge.

Image via The Verge

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