Supermarket predicts soundbar sales will increase by 500 per cent

Tesco launches ‘Operation Brazil’ as TV sales soar ahead of World Cup

Tesco has put in place a massive distribution operation to ensure stores across the UK are ready for the high demand through the World Cup.

Along with collectable stockers and Brazilian snacks, Tesco has reported that sales of widescreen TVs have almost doubled in the lead up to the event.

‘Operation Brazil’ involves thousand of staff and suppliers making sure that shelves are fully stocked during the one month long tournament.

“The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet and will create a month long carnival-like atmosphere for millions of football fans at home, which is why we’ve set up a massive operation to ensure stores are fully stocked at all times,” commented a Tesco spokeswoman.

As well as TVs, the supermarket chain has revealed that it is expecting to see sales of soundbars to be up by as much as 500 per cent.

Last year, GfK predicted that the World Cup would have a significant positive effect on TV volumes in 2014, forecasting that an additional 170,000 TV sales will occur in late April to early July, putting an extra £70 million into the UK TV market.

Dixons Retail has also revealed that it has seen sales of 50-inch and above TVs double compared to this time last year.

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