Firm aims to generate 80 billion yen through new project

Sharp unveils 28 new gadget prototypes

Sharp has demonstrated a number of concept products as part of a new project to reduce dependency on its LCD business.

Last year, the firm set up a task force of 200 experts to promote the new project and last week the team unveiled 28 trial gadgets.

Among them was a robot that can act like a watchdog. As it moves around a garden, it is capable of taking a picture of an intruder and transmitting it to the owner’s TV.

Sharp also demonstrated a number of medical products, including a device that can detect the early stages of diabetes without needing to take a blood sample. All users have to do is insert a finger into the device, which measures the degree of blood vessel clogging.

There were also a number of prototypes designed to help the ageing Japanese population, including a pot that can boil enough water needed to make an instant cup noodle in three seconds, and a device that can soften food so it requires less chewing but keeps its form and taste.

Sharp is aiming to generate an additional 80 billion yen (£460m) in 2015 through the new project.

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