We interview Wavemaster MD Peter Hirschfeld

‘The UK will become a major market for our audio products’

Wavemaster is a well-established speaker brand in Germany and now it’s landing on our shores after signing its first UK distributor. We sit down with MD Peter Hirshfeld to talk about its products, pricing and philosophy…

Tell us the background of Wavemaster – what sets you apart from other audio vendors?

We are a small team of ambitious designers and engineers established in 1996 that saw an opening for high quality, innovative products at a competitive price.

Our audio products can be used with any sound source available, and with the pocket-sized MOBI devices, that means on the move with Bluetooth connectivity as well. All of our speakers have dedicated line-in inputs so you can connect smartphones, tablets, laptops and much more.

In terms of design we strive for simplicity and high quality materials. We are very consequent in our philosophy compared to other vendors.

How has business been for Wavemaster over the past 12 months?

Overall our business is growing and we doubled sales of certain products in Germany last year. 

Right now, our focus is on the UK and we’re really excited about working with the channel over here.

Why have you decided to enter the UK market?

The UK market is one of the most important in Europe – consumers in the UK are interested in technology, design and style. We think the UK will become a major market for our products.

What are your hero products that retailers should be aware of?

The Wavemaster MOBI-2 (£24.90) is the best-selling mobile rechargeable speaker in Germany and we’re expecting a similar uptake in the UK. The MOBI-2 is fantastic with a smartphone, iPad or PC – plus it won the prestigious Red Dot design award for 2014. The MOBI-2 has just been introduced into the
UK and the feedback from press and public alike has been great.

Overall, our flagship in terms of audio quality and styling is the Wavemaster TWO (£199). No other shelf-speaker in this price segment can match its outstanding acoustic quality. It features some unique functions like the audio signal sensor which automatically switches the system
on and off.

We also encourage you to search Google for Wavemaster Stax (£44.99) reviews and decide for yourself if this is something your customers would be interested in. We believe they will be.

Have you seen an increase in demand for any particular audio products?

Mobile speakers and Bluetooth speakers are both seeing strong market demand.

We’re also seeing growth in the more traditional PC speaker markets, because consumers want more quality and style without increasing their budget. That’s where Wavemaster wins.

Have you partnered with any UK distributors?

We are very proud to announce that we’ve signed a new partnership agreement with M2M. We believe they’re a perfect match for our business and the initial signs have been very encouraging.

What other regions do you sell products into?

We currently sell into Germany, France, the Netherlands, Nordic areas, Switzerland and Austria.

What’s next for Wavemaster?

We are planning to extend our shelf speaker portfolio and want to see integrated Bluetooth streaming on most, if not all, products.


Established: 1996
Based: Germany
Distributor: M2M
Contact: 020 8676 067

Images (from top to bottom): The Wavemaster Stax, Two and Mobi 2

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