"Devices all need management and security," says Network Group MD Phylip Morgan

‘The PC market is moving towards Managed Device Services’

The future of the PC market lies in Managed Device Services (MDS), says Network Group MD Phylip Morgan.

Speaking to PCR at the buying group’s annual gala event last month, Morgan said: "We think the market is moving towards what we are going to be calling managed device services (MDS). So it’s like managed print services (MPS) but for other devices. We’re all talking about bring your own device (BYOD) and have been for years. Devices all need management, security and a layer on them particularly for businesses wanting to outsource that.

"So we think the market going forwards will be a mix of services and management. More stuff is going to the cloud and the mobile workforce is going to move a lot more and people want that managed. We think the day is coming where you won’t buy a tablet and have a service contract on it, you’ll go to a provider – one of ours – and we’ll say if you want several devices we will deliver that laptop, that PC, that printer etc and will charge £89 a month or whatever it will cost you and we’ll manage them all for you. Because you’re probably paying more for them right now including the purchase, mobile phone contract and so on.

"What’s driving it is the ‘M’ part – management. I think Dixons is looking at it in terms of convergence, marketing etc. But the opportunity for us is around management. We will take the pain away from the customer. If you have a problem with your tablet, for example, dial in and we’ll sort it out for you."

Morgan was speaking to PCR about Network Group’s core values and said that being a part of a buying group allows its members to better prepare for future movements in the channel.

"The market is changing all the time," he added. "Most of these people in the room see change as an opportunity, not a problem. They get onto it, they’re all sharp thinkers. For example the move to cloud is a huge opportunity – and we get there first.

"So those values we have as a group are paramount and that’s why you see so much interaction between our resellers."

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