PCR rounds up the hottest crowdfunded and brand new tech to keep in mind for future retail opportunities

FUTURE TECH FRIDAY: PC in a desk, animal accessories and more…

Every Friday, PCR rounds up the hottest crowdfunded and brand new tech to keep in mind for future retail opportunities.

Let’s take a look at this week’s selection of up-and-comers…

Lian Li DK Desks: desks with a PC inside

Taiwan-based firm Lian Li has launched two brand new desks which bring a brand new, and rather literal, meaning to the term ‘desktop’.

The DK-01X and DK-02X are both aluminium work desks that feature a pull-out centre with space for a fully-featured desktop PC inside.

The DK-01X measures 90cm long and supports one HPTX-sized system, while the DK-02X is a longer 125cm, and features space for an extra Mini-ITX system.

Both cases/desks have an array of ports and connections, including USB 3.0 ports and space for an optical drive.

The desks have a tempered glass top, allowing users who splash out the $989 (DK-01X) or $1,189 (DK-02X) to see their system in all its glory.

Octa TabletTail: animal-themed tablet accessories

Octa, the company behind the primate-inspired Monkey Kit tablet stand, has expanded its range with a new set of products which also take cues from the natural world.

The TabletTail tablet positioning system combines the Monkey Kit with a new selection of zoological tablet stands, grips, mounts and holders.

Backers of the system’s Kickstarter campaign can get their hands on the Scorpion, Monkey Tail, Spider, Lynx and Whale Tail – or opt for the entire ‘Kingdom’.

Group Gear Charging Plate: free up mains power sockets with USB plug ports

Taking an idea so simple it’s a wonder that everybody’s not already doing it, Group Gear has launched the UK Mains/USB Charging Plate – a plug socket replacement plate that adds two USB charging ports to a standard pair of three-pin plugs.

Designed for tech items such as smartphones, cameras, tablets and music players, the two-Amp ports automatically trip off to avoid damage to electronics, but will also adjust power flow to each connected device.

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