£2,400 graphics card said to be “fastest and most advanced graphics card ever”

UK retail partners listed for Nvidia Titan Z

Nvidia has listed its UK retail partners for the £2,400 Titan Z graphics card.

The card, said by Nvidia to be its “fastest and most advanced graphics card ever”, includes 12GB of 7Gbps video memory, a 12 phase power supply with dynamic power balancing, full speed double precision support and 5,760 CUDA Cores.

The Titan Z is available today from a number of UK system builders and add-in card partners, including Chillblast, Scan, Overclockers, Dabs.com, YoYoTech and Novatech.

The costly card is aimed at users looking for a compact performance-heavy system, offering two GK110 GTX Titan Black GPUs, which can power Ultra HD resolutions of up to 3840×2160, in the same form factor as a single card – although the card does occupy three chassis expansion slots.

An iteration of the card from vendor Zotac was listed for sale earlier this month for $4,000 (£2,377).

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