Razer says key to mainstream adoption is investment in 'professionalism'

‘E-sports is this generation’s football’

Competitive video gaming is set to become as popular as professional sports such as football, Razer has said.

Drew Holt-Kentwell, associate manager for global e-sports at the vendor, told PCR that while e-sports audience statistics already exceed those of sports broadcast on television, barriers to mainstream interest still exist.

“League of Legends already has some 27 million users playing the game every day, with million more competing in other [e-sports] games – numbers which dwarf other spots out there,” he explained.

“However, to capture the attention of the ‘average Joe’ sitting on his couch with a six-pack, the production quality in e-sports needs to keep improving.

“Commentary needs to incorporate the uninitiated too – currently most e-sports commentary is aimed at those fans already familiar with the intricacies of the game.”

Holt-Kentwell added that once e-sports achieved a higher level of ‘professionalism’ and accessibility, the sector would become as popular and influential as traditional sports.

“Just like generations before us grew up playing football and basketball to learn the sport and then watch and enjoy it on television, so too will future generations learn to play and enjoy electronic sports,” he stated.

Razer previously told PCR that it was urging UK tech firms to invest in the e-sports industry for the long-term, as the popularity of the sector continues to grow, and Holt-Kentwell reiterated that IT retailers could stand to benefit massively from entering the market.

“E-sports absolutely play an important role in the sale of gaming PCs and peripherals – the same as professional football impacts the sale of football boots by Nike, or professional golf impacts clubs,” he said.

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