Lowest price doesn’t always mean best value, says Nigel Holland

Sennheiser: ‘Headsets should not be an afterthought’

Sennheiser’s telecoms product manager, Nigel Holland, talks about the opportunities in the audio market for IT and tech retailers.

Which headset is best for your customer and what opportunities does the audio category offer?

The headset is one of the most important elements of any ‘unified communications’ (UC) deployment project – the critical element that finally connects the user to the UC system.

Audio quality, comfort, styling, durability and ease of use all fundamentally impact the user’s call experience, yet all too often he headset is specified as an afterthought at the end of the implementation process, when budgets have been largely depleted.

Unified communications resellers can address this shortcoming by encouraging and guiding their clients to factor in the headset requirement right at the outset of the project, providing the opportunity to ensure that the most effective and best value solutions are specified – rather than simply gravitating to the lowest priced offers.

Lowest price doesn’t always mean best value and different headset solutions can be offered by considering the varying work styles of the user base. For example, entry level corded headsets are typically specified for light usage desk-based workers, while mid-range and premium corded headsets are better for the more intensive user, providing all-day wearing comfort and durability. Wireless headset solutions are the ideal choice for workers with a higher need for in-office mobility, while for mobile professionals discrete foldable corded and Bluetooth headsets may be a better option.

All of this presents an ideal opportunity to ensure that the correct blend of headset solution is deployed, maximising end user satisfaction and presenting an opportunity to grow reseller margins by choosing the best solution to address the true user requirement.

By correctly identifying each customer’s situation and core needs, you can present real benefits that they can identify with.

These benefits will certainly include price but in addition can cover genuinely useful features, such as improved comfort and performance and a degree of flexibility, which represent a real advantage over alternative product offerings – and ultimately deliver the best customer value over the deployment lifetime of the product.

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