Tablet may be released ahead of Google’s annual developer conference in June

Google 3D imaging tablet reportedly in the works

Google plans to produce 4,000 prototype tablets featuring two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and 3D imaging software.

WSJ has reported that the tablet is being developed as part of a Google research effort dubbed Project Tango.

According to sources, the tablet will have a 7-inch display and could be released ahead of the company’s annual developer conference, which takes place at the end of June.

‘Project Tango’ sound familiar? That’s because back in February, Google revealed a smartphone prototype that can scan its surroundings and create live 3D maps.

It seems likely that Google will allow a select number of developers and engineers to experiment with the new technology, as it did with Google Glass.

The ‘explorer edition’ of the glasses have recently gone on sale in the US, setting buyers back $1,500.

Google is now rumoured of have already begun the early stages of development for the next generation of Glass.

PCR recently got hands on with Google Glass – check out our review of the wearable tech here.

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