Innovation lounge hopes to inspire high-tech shopping experiences

Future retail tech in FLUX – a look at upcoming retail innovations

A new event is showcasing what it hopes to be the future of technology for retailers and businesses.

Trialled as a one-day event last year, FLUX is now a permanent fixture at the Aldgate offices of hosts Engage Production.

The lounge is designed to encourage the collaboration between the enterprise and technology industries.

Among the tech present was Cimagine’s augmented reality app, which allows virtual furniture to be placed inside a real-time 3D scan of a room, to let consumers visualise the products.

Also present was a range of smart tags from Xerox. The RFID-equipped tags can be placed on a smart touchscreen, on which they then display a range of stored information such as contact details. The tags can also save other displayed files by being held over the content.

The tags are combined with the centrepiece of the room – the smart wall from MultiTouch Ltd.

This large projected touchscreen display also has technology which is shown embedded into a coffee table.

Fashionistas can also take advantage of the future tech – the Fashion3D virtual changing room uses a Microsoft Kinect camera to overlay clothes on top of a live image of the user.

The booth, already in use in Abu Dhabi, can be used to show how a customer would look in an outfit before they actually wear it, and can be used to directly purchase the clothes from an online store – with a home version of the technology due to arrive in the future.

Businesses interested in trying the tech out for themselves can now book an appointment at the lounge.

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