Razzak talks about the changing IT landscape

Rafi Razzak: ‘We must embrace the changes in technology’

Centerprise International’s founder Rafi Razzak talked about the lessons he learnt from the past 30 years of the UK IT industry at PCR Boot Camp 2014.

Razzak explained that one of the main things his company has leaned is to react quickly.

“After years of experience in providing products to retail we’ve learnt a lot about the consumer market, and what attracts consumers to products,” said Razzak.

“In my experience, service is key.”

He also expressed that producing unique products is another key element to surviving in the industry.

“There’s still plenty of opportunity in being niche.”

When discussing ecommerce vs. physical retail stores Razzak believes the High Street will continue to survive.

“I think there’s one thing we keep forgetting, and that’s the enjoyment of shopping. We like going out and impulse buying.”

He finished on this note: “Technology is evolving all the time. If we don’t embrace the changes, we’re dead.”

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