This year's conference and expo gets underway

PCR Boot Camp 2014 kicks off

This year’s PCR Boot Camp event has kicked off.

The annual conference and expo for retailers and resellers opened with a speech from Microsoft OEM UK local channel sales lead Phil Moore.

Moore highlighted the learning aspect of the event, taking place on May 21st 2014, praising Boot Camp as contributing towards the use of technology to "ultimately change the world and make it a better place".

"This is a software-powered world, through and through," added Moore, commenting on Microsoft’s prediction that "the next decade will become even more ubiqitous for computing" as ‘ambient intelligence’ and the Internet of Things continue to grow.

"[Technology is about] re-imagining what we can do as individuals, and what we can achieve," Moore concluded, opening the conference half of Boot Camp.

Moore’s opening talk was followed by a number of discussions, including Carl West of analyst GfK discussing why firms need to ‘Diversify or die’, Christopher Phin of MacFormat chairing a panel discussion on ‘How to Beat Apple on Service’, Intel Embedded manager Philip van de Mortel outlining ‘The future of in-store technology’ and Himanshu Pal of Kantar Retail arguing ‘Why you need to worry about Dixons again’.

Rafi Razzak, founder of distributor Centerprise, closed the conference half of the event with ‘Back to the future’ – lessons from the last 30 years of the UK IT industry.

Distributors and vendors took to the expo floor to show off their latest products and services to delegates.

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