The channel needs to focus on what services it can offer its customers

‘Offering services is key to retail and distribution’

A panel of experts at today’s PCR Boot Camp discussed how the economy will affect the IT and tech industry in the coming years.

The panel session, entitled ‘It’s the economy, stupid’, focused on how the drop in tech selling prices means retailers and distributors alike need to focus on what services they offer.

Chaired by Scott Bicheno from Strategy Analytics, the panel featured GfK’s Carl West, Microsoft’s Phil Moore, Computers Unlimited’s Craig Hume, and Northamber’s Luke Masterton.

West said: “The industry faces a threat from the drop of the average selling price of consumer electronics. Service element is an indie’s value.”

Hume added: “It’s important to think about the services you can add to general laptops and products. Consumers are looking for these products, so definitely sell them, but look to make margins on add-ons. Offer to move data between computers too.”

Masterton commented: “Distribution has always been based on volume sales, that demand has fallen. Services are just as important in distribution as they are in retail.”

The panel was also asked what they think about Internet of Things (IoT),

West said: “We’re on the cusp of a very exciting time. The embedded element has to be embraced over the next two years. Consumers want wearable tech that is always connected.”

Moore added: “Everything is going mobile. Everything is connected. That’s going to continue and there are opportunities out there for every retailer.”

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